Book launch: ‘Reclaiming Democracy: the Left Case for Sovereignty’

Along with my Brexit Party colleague Claire Fox, we launched our short book, which explains why leaving the EU is by no means a right-wing idea. Indeed, it is surprising that this is assumed in the UK when so much of big business and the establishment supports EU membership. The book brings together essays from a range of different voices explaining why leaving the EU, and reclaiming sovereignty, should very much a left-wing cause.

The launch was kindly organised by Leavers of Manchester. We were also joined by two of the essay authors, Alka Sehgal Cuthbert and Steve Roberts. You can watch my introductory comments here.

Surgery and public meeting in Burnley, Friday 27 September

From 2-4pm, I’ll be holding a personal surgery for constituents. To book an appointment please contact 0161 519 1180 or

From 7pm, I’ll be taking part in a public meeting at Burnley Cricket Club, Turf Moor, Belvedere Road, BB10 4BN. I’ll be joined by my fellow Brexit Party MEP, Claire Fox. Do come along – we’ll be delighted to meet you!

For more information on both please call my office on 0161 519 1180 or email the office at Or just come along to the Cricket Club on Friday evening!